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The Court's of Northumbria

The Province of Northumbria covers quite an area both geographically but across different Craft Provinces from the River Tees in the South to the Tweed in the North and the Irish Sea in the West to the North Sea in the East.


Court of Aldred No 15

Consecrated on 27th January 2007 and meets at Chester-le-Street Masonic Hall

Aldred was the first Court to be raised, initially in the Province of Lindsey before boundary changes. It holds it meetings at Chester-le-Street Masonic Hall (DH3 3DU)  and takes its name from Aldred a local priest and scribe who was involved with the gloss of the Lindisfarne Gospels around 970 AD. 

Its shield shows the connection's between, Christianity, King Athelstan, St. Cuthbert and the Lindisfarne Gospels

Court of the High Reeves No 44

Consecrated 19 July 2008, and meets at Ashington Masonic Hall

The shield is depicted with a Northumbrian Saxon Long Boat in full rigging.

Court of High Reeves. Emblem..jpg
Court of the East and West.Emblem..jpg

Court of the East and West No 67

The Court of the East and West meets at Gateshead Masonic Hall. The shield represents the family of Washington, emblazoned with its name in Chinese writing, above the crest symbols and Chakra from the Asian Continent.

It is very special in the province for its post meeting banquets with one being of Chinese fare, one of Indian and the last of English.

Court of King Constantine No 70

Consecrated on 19 March 2011, and meets at Brampton Masonic Hall

Its shields represents the border regions links between Scotland and England and Freemasonry, with Hadrian's Wall on the top

King Constantiine Emblem.B..jpg
Court of Tinan.Emblem..jpg

Court of Tinan No 71

Consecrated on 11 November 2010, and meets at Fern Avenue Masonic Hall

Its shield emblazoned with King Athelstan's crown, the red of his Scarlet Mantle, the blue and white lines of the River Tyne and the Square and Compass for freemasonry. 

Court of Dearthington No 103

Consecrated on Saturday 11th October 2014  , and meets at Darlington Masonic Hall

The courts name is derived from the Anglo Saxon name for Darlington and its emblem is a round Saxon warshield with three Athelstan crowns emblazoned with the court name and number. 

Court of Dearthington.Emblem..jpg

Court of Yodene Sud No 144

Consecrated on Saturday 10th August, 2019 , and meets at Castle Eden Masonic Hall.

The Emblem incorporates two prominent elements of local history, The Yew tree and the Castle Eden Beaker. 

The Yew being the most common tree at the time of the Danes making the local village to be known as South Yoden or Yew Dene. The Beaker was found locally and dates to the 5th Century and is unique to England and can be found at the British Museum. more information available upon request.

Court of Baede No 146

Consecrated on Saturday 18th September 2021, and meets at Sunderland  Queen Street Masonic Hall.

 Its name celebrates the strong religious ties and beliefs of Sunderland. St Peters Church, in Monkwearmouth is one of the oldest in Britain and was built in 674AD by Benedict Biscop (The Patron Saint of Sunderland).

The Venerable Bæde was born on monastery land in Sunderland and at the age of 7 joined the monastery eventually taking holy orders. Little is known about Bede's background although it is largely accepted that he came to the monastery as an orphan and was taken in by Benedict Biscop, Bæde went on to produce some of the most enlightened documents of his time, giving an insight into the dark ages which was the world he lived in.

Court of Baede Logo.jpg

Court of the Gedricht No 170

Consecrated on Saturday 14th July 2023 at Sunderland  Queen Street Masonic Hall.

 Its name celebrates the Gedriht who were oathmen of the Lord or Chief and were prepared to die for his cause. There would have been a few in each warband and were well armed, probably with a Gar (long ash spear) with axes and swords.

This Court is unique that its membership is made up from the ranks of  ex servicemen, emergency services, blue light services etc and has a travelling warrant within the province, with its installation meeting being held at Kirkby Stephen Masonic Hall.

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