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Deputy Provincial Grand Master and Provincial Grand Secretary both retire at AGM


This years Provincial AGM saw the double retirement of RWBro Thomas Urwin the role of Deputy Provincial Grand Master and WBro Bob Hope as Provincial Grand Secretary. Both of these esteemed brethren will continue to be active in the province but have decided to step down from these busy roles. We wish them both all the best going forward and RWBro Tom is still planning to push forward with his Services Court for 2023.

We would like to welcome VWbro Derek Dunn as the new Deputy Provincial Grand Master and WBro Peter Ronan as Provincial Grand Secretary who were both invested at the Provincial Meeting


Grand Court Promotions 2021

The Provincial Grand Master, the Officers and Brethren of the Province wish to congratulate all those brothers who have received well deserved preferment from Grand Court, well done all, and we look to seeing you around the Province.

W.Bro Simon Robinson to Past Senior Grand Deacon

W.Bro Tony Easton to Past Grand Banner Bearer

W.Bro Ian Richardson to Past Grand Banner Bearer and soon to be KAG

A further special congratulations to W Bro Colin Johnstone on his field promotion by the Sovereign Grand Master at the Consecration of the Court of Baede to Past Junior Grand Deacon

Provincial Gala Dinner 2021

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Grand Rank Craft and Chapter 2021

The Provincial Grand Master, the Officers and Brethren of the Province wish to congratulate all those brothers who have received well deserved preferment in the Craft and the Chapter, well done all.


New Deputy Grand Master


The Most Worshipful Grand Master, Paul W Johnston, SGM, after a period of consideration and with the best interests of the Order in mind, yesterday confirmed to the Grand Witan that he has invited RW Bro Anthony (Tony) Burke, GCAG, Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Lindsey to be the Deputy Grand Master of the Masonic Order of Athelstan. In confirming his acceptance as the Deputy Grand Master designate RW Bro Tony thanked the MWGM for his confidence and pledged himself to serve the Order to the best of his abilities.
RW Bro Tony will be well known to the members of the Masonic Order of Athelstan. He is a very experienced and well-respected Freemason, holder of Grand Rank in the United Grand Lodge of England and a Past Third Provincial Grand Principal (Yorkshire & East Ridings) in the Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of England. In consequence of the appointment of RW Bro Anthony Burke as Deputy Grand Master Designate, the MWGM confirmed that W Bro Michael Carter, KAG, PGBannerB has accepted the invitation to be Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Lindsey. The Most Worshipful Grand Master intends to conduct the virtual investiture of both shortly. 

Bob Smith

Many of our longer serving members who joined The Masonic Order of Athelstan before the boundary changes may remember Bob, who was a member of Hyrncastre Court No. 102, which meets at Horncastle, Lincolnshire.


Bob was a larger-than-life character, and a real pleasure to spend time with, always greeting visitors with a huge smile and a seemingly endless supply of humorous stories to tell.


Included is the write-up from the Provincial magazine produced by Bobs’ Craft Province of Lincolnshire, telling of Bob’s most recent adventures, and sadly announcing his death.


Bob had set a target of £10,000 which he hoped to raise from his sky jump, to be added to the sum raised by the Craft Province of Lincolnshire for their ‘Festival appeal’.


Anyone wishing to add to Bob’s total can still donate at:

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Provincial Quiz - 2021

On Sunday 24th January 2021, the PGM, RWBro. Bill Carlyon organized an inter Court quiz for the members of the Province, and most Courts entered a team to compete and uphold the dignity of the members of their Court.


The questions were organized by WBro. Colin Johnstone of the Court of King Constantine No. 70, and Colin being a honest upright Mason, resisted the temptation of sharing the answers with his fellow Court members.


Our PGM very generously offered a prize of £100.00 to the winning Court, to be donated in the name of the Court, to the Grand Masters appeal connected with the production of a tapestry celebrating King Athelstan. The tapestry is to be hung in All Saints Church, Kingston-upon-Thames, the home of the ‘coronation stone’, on which Athelstan was made King. The PGM also donated a bottle of malt whisky to the winners, as their own personal reward….


AND THE WINNER IS….the team from The Court of the East and West No. 67, consisting of VWBro. Derek Dunn, WBro. Kevin Bainbridge and WBro. David Green, who won by a considerable margin….well done chaps, enjoy your ‘amber nectar’.

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Happier Times - The Annual Meeting of the Province of Essex, 2019


THE ANNUAL MEETINING OF THE PROVINCE OF ESSEX was held on Saturday 9th November 2019 at the Masonic Centre, Upminster, to the west of London.


Members of the Province of Northumbria were cordially invited to attend the meeting by the Provincial Grand Master of Essex, RWBro. Peter Ribi, KCAG, and three Brethren from this Province were delighted to take up the offer.


The PGM, RWBro. Bill Carlyon, JP, GCAG, Provincial Secretary WBro. Bob Hope, KAG and Provincial Registrar, WBro. Mel Herbert, KAG made the journey down to Essex to attend what all agreed was a very enjoyable and interesting meeting, and a great opportunity to meet Brethren from the Province of Essex and surrounding Provinces who also attended.

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